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Sudoku Game HTML Code

The open source website McZak provides a great Sudoku game for your website. You can adjust various options or just generate a simple Sudoku game. There is also a Sudoku solver included.
Easily add this game to your own website by copying the HTML code of the game.


Download games on Armor Games

You can get very good games for your website on Armor Games. There are many Flash games that can be downloaded and used for your own site or blog.

How to embed downloaded games

Download the swf file and upload it to your own web space. After this you can modify the following HTML code and paste it into your website.

Now you need to modify the values for width and height for each game. Consider that these are four values that have to be modified, because this code contains a combination of the <object> element and the <embed> element so it fits for all browsers. After that, you need to change both URL values to the swf file on your own site. Now you can just copy and paste the HTML code into your own site or blog.

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